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Where To Live

Got questions about where to live and what to think about when filling out your application?  Look no further. 

I Already Know Who I Want To Live With

Great!  We do our best to honor roommate requests first and foremost, but we can't always guarantee them.  Here's some things you can do to help the process along.

  • Do your applications at the same time.
  • Select similar preferences on both applications
  • Submit your $200 pre-payment
  • enter the room selection interface when notified by Housing and pick the same room. If a room is not availble you may go back in later and try and find a room as one may open up throughout the selection period. 

What Do You Do If I Don't Have A Roommate?

We want you to have an awesome roommate.  We match you up based on the preferences you fill out in your application. It's that simple.

What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

LLCs are our way of getting you connected with other students that have similar interests or majors.  They provide fun and exciting programs centered around the community!  For more about the individual living learning communities we offer, click here.

What types of halls do you offer?

We currently offer a number of Amenity Preferences you may select on our application.  All rooms currently offer each resident a desk, chair, bed, and closet space.  Presented in order of expense (least to greatest), these are our current Room Amenity Types:

Types of residence halls offered
Room Type Description Example Hall(s)
Tripled Traditional Room A basic room for 3 occupants (Limited Availability) with a Community Bath Sullivan
Traditional Room A basic room for 2 occupants with a Community Bath Keene, Palmer, Sullivan
Enhanced Traditional Room A basic room for 2 occupants containing a sink in the room in addition to a Community Bath Burnam, Clay, McGregor, Walters
Traditional Suite A set of basic rooms for 2 occupants joined joined together by a shared private bathroom Burnam, Telford
New Construction Simple Suite A set of newly constructed rooms for 2 occupants each joined together by a large shared private bathroom Martin, North
New Construction Super Suite A set of newly constructed large rooms for 2 occupants each with private bathrooms joined together by a large shared living space and kitchen Martin, North
Grand Campus Apartments* Full four bedroom, four bathroom (private to each bedroom) apartments with a large kitchen, living area, and laundry closet shared by all four residents. Grand Campus

*Note: Grand Campus and South Hall are normally unavailable for incoming students due to limited capacity.

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