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Online Housing Application

Welcome Home to EKU Housing & Residence Life

Living on campus is the best way to get involved at EKU! When you live on campus meeting new friends, getting involved in organizations, and attending campus events is easy - you are just steps away from all the action!

Applying for Housing

Now is the time to complete your online Housing application! Just follow these steps (read them all!!) and you'll be ready to go this Fall! 

Step 1: Beginning December 10, 2018, admitted students can apply for housing. Click Here to complete the online application. Log in with your EKU ID number. Your password is your 6 digit birthdate. (example 010195).

Step 2: Pay the $200 Housing pre-payment. The pre-payment is a portion of your overall housing cost paid early. The application is not complete if the pre-payment has not been made. 


Choosing Your Living Space

The third step of your Housing application process is to actually pick your living space from those available. 

Step 3: Pick your living space! That's right - instead of being placed by the Housing Office, you get to hand-pick your living space! But spaces are only available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Here's how it works... 

Starting April 15, 2019, students will be eligible to hand-pick their living space from those available based on the date and time they completed the Housing application and pre-payment. 300 students per day will be granted access to choose their space. For example, the first 300 students who completed their application on December 10, 2018, will be notified that they can log into the Housing Portal on April 15 and select their space. The next 300 to apply will be eligible to log in and select on April 16, 2019, and so on. 

1. Log into the Housing Portal (click here).
2. Click “First-Year Student Room Selection”
3. Select the Building/Wing of a hall in which you would like to live.
4. Click on any room to see available (Room and Roommate Details). If you don’t see a space listed, it has already been selected by another student.
5. Click “Select This Room” to assign yourself to the current space



What about Roommates?

 Picking your roommate has never been easier! 

Now that you get to hand-pick your living space, you and your preferred roommate also get to hand-pick where you live together! But it's important to remember that spaces may not be held for a roommate. 

For example; Sally and Jane want to live together. Sally applied on December 10, 2018, and was in the first wave of students eligible to choose her space on April 15, 2019. However, Jane didn't apply until January, meaning she doesn't get to choose her space until after Sally. Sally can decide if she wants to go ahead and select a space and risk not rooming with Jane, or she can choose to wait until it is Jane's turn to pick and the two can log in and choose a space in the same room. 

Don't have a roommate picked out? That's OK! 

On your application, we ask several personality type questions. The answers to these questions are displayed when a student chooses a living space. When you log in to choose a space, you can see the personality questions of the other roommate in the space. That way you can make a decision based on their answers as to whether or not you would make a good roommate match! 


If you have questions you may contact the EKU Housing a Residence Life at 859-622-1515

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