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Fall 2017 Room Change/Swap Information

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Room Change

Anyone wishing to do a "Room Change," that is a switch from one room/building to any open space on campus, will need to fill out the Room Change Request Form in OrgSync from September 5th to September 15th.  The form will allow you to choose a specific set of conditions for your intended room change.  Those requesting a special roommate will need to include the name and EKU ID of their intended roommate.   Beginning September 7th, we will begin processing these changes.  You will receive an email informing you if we are able to move you.  As such, it is important that resident's check their EKU email address.  This process will end by September 20th.

  • The Room Change Request Form is for "Room Changes," NOT "Room Swaps" (see below for those)
  • The Room Change Request Form will open in OrgSync beginning on September 5th at 9:00am and will remain open until September 15th
  • If you have a specific roommate, include the name and ID number of the student on the form
  • You will be notified through your EKU Email Address if a room change has been made
  • From the point of notification, you will have 24 hours to make your room change
  • Check-In Times at each building will be between 7:00pm and 10:00pm

Room Swap

Anyone wishing to do a "Room Swap," that is when two to four individuals wish to change their location and swap with someone else, will need to report to the RHC in the hall of the swap.  The RHC of the building has their posted office hours and when they are available to meet during business hours.  Those wishing for a "Room Swap" will be able to meet with their RHC during normal office hours.  All parties involved in a "Room Swap" will need to be present when meeting with the RHC.

  • Room Swaps begin on September 7th
  • To perform a "Room Swap," you must first contact the RHC in the Hall of the swap
  • The RHC will have office hours, generally between 10:00am and 7:00pm (each RHC may have different hours, this is just a helpful window) during which you can meet with them for a Room Swap
  • All parties involved in the swap must provide their consent for the swap to occur, typically requiring their presence

Published on September 01, 2016

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