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EKU Housing Pre-Payment Process Fact Sheet

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As EKU Housing continues to improve our processes in order to give our students the best possible on campus living experience, we have decided to do away with the Housing deposit. In its place, we will be introducing a non-refundable pre-payment. The prepayment will be introduced during re-contracting for the Fall 2017 period, which is scheduled to start in early February 2017. The $200 pre-payment can be paid online during the application process. All students choosing to live within EKU Housing for Fall 2017 will be required to pay this pre-payment before being able to select their room. This pre-payment will go towards the outstanding housing payment that will be due for Fall 2017. 

EKU Housing is informing all current residential students of this change now to allow as much time as possible to adjust your finances and to expect this expense in February/March. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please feel free to call us at 859-622-1515 or contact us by email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you increasing fees?

EKU Housing is not increasing fees.  In fact, we are reducing your overall fee.  For example, if a student’s housing charges are $2,500 for the semester, your bill, once the semester begins, will only reflect a balance of $2,300.  EKU Housing is effectively reducing the overall amount paid by not requiring a deposit on file.  The prepayment will be applied to your semester housing fee once the student arrives for that semester.

When should I complete the prepayment?

Students are required to complete the prepayment during the Fall 2017 Housing Application / Fall 2017 Re-Contracting process.  Students can make this payment during the application process. Students will not be able to complete the application process without making the prepayment.

Why was this communication sent?

EKU Housing sent this communication to give students and their families notice that this change was coming so they could prepare for the prepayment in advance.

Will my financial aid cover this housing application prepayment?

Typically students will apply for housing prior to receiving their Financial Aid Awards.  If this is the case, then you are unable to cover the pre-payment using any Financial Aid.  However, if students wait to pay the pre-payment (and thus, do not reserve an assignment) until after they receive any Financial Aid Awards, they are then able to pay the prepayment.  If your aid has not been awarded yet, you can pay the prepayment now and then reimburse yourself once your aid is available

How often will I need to complete the application prepayment?

Students will complete the pre-payment once each academic year with most students completing the prepayment after filling out their fall semester housing application.

I only want to live in Grand Campus or South Hall.  If I do not get into one of them, what happens to the pre-payment?

For Grand Campus and South Hall re-contracting only, Housing will refund your $200 prepayment if you are not awarded the Grand Campus or South Hall assignment requested.

What other reasoning went into making this decision?

In the past, students would hold their on campus room assignment until just before the semester began and either not attend EKU or live off campus.  We call these students “no-shows.”  With the decreased number of rooms available for the 2017- 2018 academic year, this prepayment process will help to reduce the number of student no-shows.  Student no-shows occupy available rooms you may want to occupy.  The prepayment may help students who are eligible to live off campus commit to living on or off campus and not holding spots you want.

Lastly, research of our peer institutions within Kentucky and national benchmark institutions show a trend of universities moving towards an application pre-payment process and no longer processing deposits.

Published on January 14, 2016

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