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General Living in the Halls


The University reserves the right not to contract with individuals who are violating the terms and conditions of a housing contract, who have previously violated the terms and conditions of a housing contract, who have violated University rules and regulations, or who have a past due balance with the University.  Additionally, the University reserves the right to terminate the contract during the academic year due to any of the reasons outlined in the contract, Section VIII. The current Housing contract can be found on the Housing website

Room Changes

General room changes are not permitted for the Fall 2020 semester.  Room changes will only be approved on an emergency basis as determined by the Office of Housing & Residence Life. If the virus does not spread and the number of cases subsides in Kentucky, we may be able to reconsider room changes for the Spring semester.

Changing rooms without permission will result in a fine on the student’s account, the denial of relocation, and a referral to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards.  If students have concerns about their current roommate situation, they are encouraged to first contact their Resident Advisor (RA) and then the Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) of their building.

Break Closings

Grand Campus, South Hall, Martin Hall and Walters Hall will remain open over break periods throughout the academic year. All other halls will close for Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. Residents who require housing during any break period(s) must live in the previously stated residence halls. Please note, all residence halls will remain open during Fall Break. See the campus calendar for specific closing dates. Residents are not required to move belongings out of their assigned space during winter break.

Checking In & Out of Living Spaces

Prior to a resident moving in, the condition of each living space is assessed by hall staff on the Room Condition Inventory. Upon arrival, residents are expected to review the Room Condition Inventory (RCI) that corresponds to their space, verify and/or update the information, and submit the form within 48 hours. RCIs that have not been verified and submitted by a resident within 48 hours of check-in will be auto-accepted without an opportunity to make changes. Failure to verify and submit an RCI without noted changes may result in damage charges to a resident's account at checkout. All RCIs can be accessed by signing into the Housing portal.  Residents are encouraged to protect themselves from unwanted charges by carefully inspecting and reporting all concerns on their RCI.

When moving out, after removing all personal items and cleaning the assigned living area, residents must begin a formal check-out process with an RA or RHC. Residents are expected to check out of their living space within 24 hours of an authorized room change or completion of last final exam. When a resident has decided to withdraw from the University the resident is expected to vacate the residence hall room and check out upon withdrawal. Leaving a key and/or fob with someone else or mailing it back will result in improper check-out charges.

Cable TV

Each residence hall room is wired for cable television provided by College Cable Services (CCS). Residents may order premium channels or report problems with their cable channels by calling customer service at 800-472-2054, extension 222, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

If a problem occurs outside of business hours, residents should leave a voicemail for the on-call technician. Be sure to include the following information: residence hall, room number, call back number, and a description of the problem. For example: “I live in Keene Hall Room 320. My phone number is 859-622-XXXX. The picture on my TV is fuzzy.” (Grand Campus residents refer to Living at Grand Campus)


Each residence hall room is furnished with a desk, dresser, and bed for each student. Additionally, there will be at least one closet, set of window blinds, and internet access ports. Residents are permitted to bring additional furniture, but all university provided furniture must remain in the living space. Residents are asked to examine all furniture provided by EKU Housing and Residence Life and complete their room inventory as indicated above.

Heating & Cooling

Most residence halls have central heat and air that are on a system of heated and chilled water which cannot be controlled individually. Facilities Services, in conjunction with Housing and Residence Life, evaluates long term weather patterns to determine when to switch the system between heat and air conditioning. Residents may not block or cover heating, ventilation, or air conditioning ducts. Some halls have the ability for each room to control their own temperature.


The information regarding mail is available on each of the Residence Hall webpages under Campus Living Options. To learn about the specific mailing address of your residence hall please refer to this webpage and click your respective hall. Mail and contact information is listed on each Hall's page.  See the front desk of your residence hall for posted package hours. 


All residence hall rooms are equipped with Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi. Please note, personal routers interfere with campus Wi-Fi and are not permitted.

Residential Community Spaces

  • Computer Labs: Computer terminals are available in all residence halls. Users are expected to comply with campus guidelines for computer use. Access to these computers is provided to enhance the learning environment.
  • Lobbies/Grand Campus Clubhouse: Residence hall lobbies are open 24 hours a day for study purposes and social interaction. The lobby will close at the discretion of Hall Staff personnel due to excessive noise, traffic, or other disturbances.
  • Kitchens: All residence halls are equipped with at least one full kitchen. Residents are responsible for providing all necessary cookware and cleaning the kitchen promptly after use.
  • Laundry Facilities: Laundry rooms with washers and dryers are located in each residence hall or apartment. The use of washers and dryers is included in each resident’s room fee. If there is a problem with a laundry machine, please notify hall staff.
  • Pest Control: To reduce the possibility of pests, store all food in sealed containers; do not leave food or dirty dishes out; empty all cans and bottles and rinse them with water; remove trash immediately, and do not leave windows or doors open allowing pests to enter.

Residential Emergency Procedures

  • Fire Safety Procedures

When an Alarm sounds:

  1. Leave your room immediately.
  2. Close and lock the room door.
  3. Walk quietly and quickly to the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators.
  4. Remain outside in designated area until the signal is given to return inside the building.   

For the protection of all residents, obey all fire regulations. Failure to evacuate a hall when an alarm sounds or tampering with fire safety equipment may result in disciplinary action. If a situation requires a resident to shelter-in-place, it is the responsibility of the resident to alert first responders to the shelter-in-place location. EKU Police may be reached at 859.622.1111.

  • Fire Hazards & Sprinkler System

Residents acknowledge and agree that it is important to be careful near fire sprinkler heads so as not to falsely trigger or activate them. If a resident triggers or activates the fire sprinkler system without the danger of fire being present, all damages caused by the activation may be charged to the resident’s account.

  • Severe Weather

When severe weather conditions exist, your safety is your responsibility. Should the National Weather Service (NWS) issue a Tornado Watch, residents are cautioned that the conditions favor the occurrence of tornados and serve weather. When a Tornado Warning is issued, residents should seek shelter by taking the stairs to the lowest most central location of the building, preferably in a hallway. Due to high winds, stay away from windows and glass doors. Until the “all clear” signal is given, residents should remain in the designated area. Grand Campus tornado shelter areas are located in each bathroom.

  • CSEPP/Chemical Release or Hazardous Material

In the event of a chemical release or an event involving hazardous material, follow Protective Action Decisions issued by Madison County. Information will be shared via EKU email and text alerts, weather radios, and sirens located on campus. Should a Shelter-In-Place directive be given, quickly move to the nearest Enhanced Shelter In Place (ESIP) building. If the Shelter-In-Place directive is issued outside of normal business hours, please report to the building designated for your residence hall. ESIP buildings are: Alumni Coliseum, Combs Building, Model Gymnasium, Perkins, Thompson Hall, University Building, and Whitlock Building.

Maintenance Requests

Students are responsible for reporting maintenance issues in their room in a timely manner. Maintenance concerns are reported by students through an online system. To report a corncern, students should visit the maintenance reporting link and follow the screen prompts. This link is also available on the main webpage of the housing website. Please be specific about the nature of your concerns. Maintenance emergencies should be reported to the front desk or an RA/RHC. Failure to report a maintenance issue that leads to damage to furnishings or facilities may result in students being charged for damage.


Windows and doors may not be obstructed by residents. Use of foil and other similar unsightly materials, including but not limited to neon/flashing signs, flags, and signs/advertisements on windows is prohibited. Residents may not throw objects from windows, doors, or balconies and are expected to close exterior windows/doors during inclement weather.  

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