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Current Residents FAQ

Can I nail things in the wall? 

No, the room must be in the same condition when you check out that it was in when you checked in.


Are there any requirements to live in certain Residence Halls? 

Some Residence Halls have Living Learning Communities (LLCs) that require you to participate in programs and meetings if you would like to stay in that hall. This is part of a separate community contract that you sign when you move into that hall.  For more information about the LLCs, visit

Both Grand Campus and South Hall have restrictions based on classification. South Hall permits only students who have completed their first year of coursework at a College/University. This would include Transfer students with a full year's coursework completed and all 3rd-semester freshmen or sophomores.  Grand Campus permits only students who have completed their first two-years of coursework at College/University.  Residents at Grand Campus must have 60+ credit hours before the first day of the Fall Semester.


Can we have pets?

Only fish are allowed in the Residence Halls. They must be kept in a tank smaller than 10 gallons.


Can one receive a new roommate if a current one leaves mid-semester?

It is always possible to receive a new roommate. For this reason it is imperative that half of the room is kept clean and ready to receive a student.


Why can’t we do hall sports?

Outside of the hall, sports are encouraged; however any sports in the hall pose a danger to the residents who live in the building as well as the building itself.  Someone could get hurt or the building could get damaged (i.e. busting a sprinkler head, breaking ceiling tiles, broken windows, etc.) Students responsible for damages resulting from hall sports will be charged financially and possibly judicially for the damage.


Can I remove any fixtures from my room and store them elsewhere (i.e. beds, furniture)?

No, we do not have adequate storage space for this to happen and if the item(s) were to be lost and not returned to the room, you would be charged to replace it.  Therefore, all items in the room must stay in the room.


How do I report a maintenance issue?

Maintenance issues can be reported online using WebTMA which connects directly to Facility Services.  For additional assistance, you may also speak with your Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC).


Why do I have to swipe my fob every time I walk in the building?

This is done for the safety and security of the residents in the building and their belongings to make sure those entering the building actually live in the building.


Why do I have to enter and exit through the front door(s) of the building only?  Why are the side doors labelled as emergency exit only?

This is another safety precaution that helps the desk worker keep track of who enters and exits the building so that no one enters the building illegally and without the knowledge of the Housing staff.


How do I get out of my contract?

Students who wish to apply for an early release from their signed housing contract may submit a request. The Request for Release or Exemption form may be found on our Important Forms page. Students interested in seeking an early release are encouraged to read Section VII of the housing contract.


What do I have to do if I leave the university or receive an early release from my housing contract?

You will need to move everything out of the room first.  Then notify the front desk that you need to check out of your room.  They will call the RA or RHC who will escort you back up to the room to check for any damages.  You will then sign your Room Control Inventory (RCI) form, fill out a checkout card, and then turn your key and FOB into the RA or RHC checking you out.  Failure to follow this protocol will result in charges being placed on your account. Also, checking out of housing does NOT equal a release from your contract. Checking out of a room without being released from the housing contract will result in charges remaining on your account.


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