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Contract Summary


This page provides a synopsis of some of the provisions of the campus Housing Contract that all students who live on campus must sign before being awarded a room. This summary does not include every provision of the Housing Contract, but only serves as a means to highlight those provisions that traditionally parents and students have questioned.  It is highly encouraged that anyone wanting more information should read the contract in its entirety.

Click to view a complete copy of a Housing Contract


Residency Requirement:

Unless eligible to live off campus, ALL students enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University are required to live on campus. Students who are eligible to live off campus are those students who:

  • are 21 years of age before classes commence
  • have completed 60 or more hours
  • have lived on campus at least 4 academic semesters. (summer terms do not count)
  • are married (submission of a copy of a marriage license may be requested)
  • have a dependent (proof of dependency may be requested)

View a complete description of our residency requirement. 


Length of Contract:

The length of the contract is for the ACADEMIC YEAR, which is defined as from the beginning of the Fall semester through the conclusion of the Spring semester.


Housing Pre-Payment:

Along with the signed contract, the student is also required to pay a nonrefundable $200 housing pre-payment that serves as a room reservation and a deduction from the total cost of Fall student housing.  This pre-payment needs to be paid only once per Academic Year.


Late checkout fee and Improper Checkout fee:

Residents who do not check out properly with their hall’s staff may be assigned an improper checkout fee and students who do not check out by the posted times may be assessed a late checkout fee


Room changes:

Room changes may only be made during a specified period of each semester. Typically in the second week of each term the specific period will be designated and published by the Housing office. Outside of this period room changes are not allowed except on a case-by-case basis. ALL room changes including those occurring during the room change period must PRE-APPROVED by EKU Housing.



Regardless of the situation or circumstances that created the condition, unless in a private room, any student without a roommate will be required to go through the consolidation process to be paired up with another student who is also without a roommate. During consolidation, students without roommates are provided a list of students who are also without roommates in the hope that they may pair themselves up. The residence hall staff will help facilitate this process. After a specified period, the Housing office will arbitrarily pair any remaining students together within each hall. Any student who refuses to participate in the consolidation process will be assessed a private room charge.



The University is not responsible for the loss or damage to a resident’s or other person’s money, valuables, or personal property for any cause. It is strongly encouraged that a student living on campus obtain renter's insurance to insure his/her personal property.


Closing during breaks:

The residence halls are closed for the following breaks: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break and, unless assigned to the Academic Year Hall, Grand Campus, or South Hall, students are required to vacate campus housing during these times. The specific closing and re-opening dates are provided on the housing calendar.


Termination of contract:

Unless approved by Housing, students may not terminate the housing contract. Students who meet the eligibility requirements to live off campus mid-year may exercise the buyout provision of the Housing contract.



There is a provision in the Housing Contract that would allow a student who is eligible to live off campus to buy out the Spring semester portion of their contract.  The cost of the buyout is ½ of the semester rate for whatever building the student is assigned. To exercise the buyout, a student must notify the Housing office BEFORE the halls close for the Fall semester.


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