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Campus Move-In 2020

Welcome Back!

We are excited that you plan to live on campus during the fall semester!

On this page, you will find important details about your move-in, including check-in information, directions, health and safety guidelines and where you can locate additional details.

Designated Move-In Times

Move in will look a little different this year due to health concerns related to COVID-19.

We ask that you follow the implemented guidelines to keep everyone safe as we transition into the new semester. This year’s check-in process requires each student to check-in during their designated time slot. This will help enforce required social distancing measures. Students have selected their designated time window and should arrive promptly. If you have not selected a move-in appointment, please log into the housing portal to select one.  

Check in Hours


August 8-9 and 15-16



August 10-14


Check-In Guidelines

When you arrive on campus do not go directly to your Residence Hall, your keys are not there.

You must visit your check-in location first. Information about check-in locations can be found by clicking on your hall below. Check-in locations are unique to each Residence Hall, so make sure you visit the correct location. Upon arrival at your check-in location, you will be asked to present your scan code, which can be found on the Housing Portal or in the email that was sent to students from This scan code is specific to you and should not be shared with other students. Please prepare to present it upon arrival. 

You are also required to present a photo ID before you can receive your keys. Examples of a photo ID include a driver’s license, passport, or a high school student ID. After you complete the check-in process, you can follow the directions on the appropriate map below to unload your vehicle. Once you have completed unloading, please move your vehicle to one of the lots in red on the map. 


Click on the your assigned hall from the list below to download directions to your check in location, where to unload your vehicle, and where to park when finished unloading. Please follow the specified route to minimize congestion and wait times.  Written directions are on page 1, a visual map with a highlited route is on page 2 for each hall.

Please remember the university has implemented a 2-person limit who may come with you to check in and unload.



Please print the dash pass below, enter the information, and place it in the driver's side front dash when you arrive at your check in location.

Dash tag

Health & Safety Guidelines

Prior to unloading your vehicle, it is important to keep the following guidelines in mind for the health and safety of yourself and our community:

  • You will be permitted two (2) visitors to assist you with the move in process. These individuals are the only individuals (other than yourself) that will be allowed to enter the Residence Halls.
  • You and your visitors are required to wear face coverings when in public spaces of the Residence Halls. This includes lobbies, elevators, restrooms, stairwells and hallways. Students will receive a washable cloth mask at check-in and disposable masks will be available for visitors. You are welcome to bring your own mask with you.
  • You are asked to unload your belongings and complete the move-in process in a timely manner. In order to keep students moving in efficiently, while meeting government required mandates, we ask that you and your visitors stick to your designated time frame and then exit the Residence Halls.
  • Please abide by all social distancing guidelines while in public spaces of the Residence Halls. We ask that you leave a reasonable distance (6 feet) between yourself and others. Stairwells and hallways will be modified to meet these guidelines. Please keep this in mind when you are packing.
  • A limited number of carts will be available per Residence Hall for move-in.  

What to bring to the Residence Halls for move-in:

  • A photo ID (driver’s license, passport, high school ID).

  • Your unique scan code, which can found on the Housing Portal website or in the email that was sent from the Housing and Residence Life team. 

  • Your car window dash tag. These will be available during move-in, but if possible, please download the PDF file and print and place on your dash in advance. 

  • Students are encouraged to pack accordingly. For additional information on what you can and cannot bring into your Residence Hall please visit:

  • If you plan to raise your bed, you must bring tools to do so. Tools will not be available during move-in. Information on what tools are required to raise beds in each hall can be found below: 

    • Burnam Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • Clay Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • Keene Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • Martin Hall – Mallet 

    • McGregor Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • North Hall (suite & super suite) - Mallet 

    • Palmer Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • South Hall – Mallet

    • Sullivan Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • Telford Hall – One half inch wrench 

    • Walters Hall – One half inch wrench

If you have any questions regarding move-in protocols please contact our office by phone at (859) 622-1515 or by email at

We are looking forward to having you on campus! 

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